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In a time when pizzerias were few and far between, a city in Upstate New York best known for being the worldwide hub in the textile industry spawned the now famous Tomato Pie.
"Utica Tomato Pie" was born in 1914 and has since become a beloved staple satisfying Central New Yorkers' cravings for over 100 years. The tomato pie-style pizza in turn led to another kind of pie. One with delicious sauce, mozzarella, toppings and a special dough that all bakes to well-done perfection. The famous pies of Upstate New York have arrived in the heart of Westchester.

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From great-great-grandparents to the pioneers of the famous Utica Pies and lots of family in between. The pizza, pasta and Italian specialties have a deep-rooted history in Central New York and are now available in the lower Hudson Valley. Come visit and experience Utica-style Italian food at its best.

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